Pop a Popnik while in a project meeting

You know those times when you’re bored out of your skull with all those yakking in a meeting? Well, you better keep some of these corn pops at hand!

Good thing for me, there’s a store in our office building that sells this addictive snack.

Chette’s Popnik is from Biñan, Laguna. It’s got various flavors like barbeque, cheese, sweet corn. It retails for about 35-40 bucks but in this store it’s way more expensive.

But hey, anything that’ll keep me sane during a meeting is fine with me even if it costs double.

There’s nothing in the packaging that says Popnik. Only the name of the original store in Laguna.

In the office building store, they’ve only got 1 flavor, the best one – barbeque! Popnik is a sort of a chichacorn – a cross-breed of popcorn and cornik. A cornik is a popular Filipino snack. It’s small crunchy corn bit. I believe it’s got an American counter part called corn nuts.
The Popnik is a cornik covered with corn gluten of sort. But I heard this one is not covered by corn but my rice. It’s so puffy, it’s cute. It’s salty, it’s crunchy and its fun to pop into your mouth when you’re uber-bored!

Once you pop open this snack, you won’t stop picking bit after bit after bit. And before you know it, you’re brain cogs will begin moving again.


My corporate partner
My corporate partner

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