GenSan’s Tuna Grill

Before General Santos City, aka GenSan, has become popular as the hometown of Living Boxing Legend Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, GenSan is famous as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. GenSan has many restaurants that serve good Tuna and if you happen to be around their busy main road Osmena Road, you might as well pop into this tuna grill restaurant known as, wait for it, Tuna Grill. It seems like their name has not been well thought of, but I’m telling you the food is the exact opposite. This is my second time to eat here.  At both times, me and my group is fully satisfied.  This time, I came with 4 guys, 4 very hungry guys.  We started our day with an early flight to Gensan from Manila.  And we are looking for some hearty lunch.

A very generic Tuna Grill in Gen San found in Bayabas St. cor. Osmena St.
So when you see this, you gotta hit the breaks and eat from here

We came at around 1 PM and it was like it was only the 5 of us there in the restaurant.  We were, then, well attended by the staff.  Lucky for us.  When you’re there, you get to choose which seafood to cook and what kind of cooking.  And you don’t need to fear, the price ranges from P 180-P 700 only.  After about 15 minutes, we’ve had an avalanche of food and attention. Foremost in our order is the juicy Tuna Panga or  jaw.  It’s grilled and served with some fresh veggies on the side.  Not included here in the photo is the Lato Salad, it’s a kind of seaweed that is best served fresh and with vinegar served separately.

The Tuna fish, they say, have 3 best parts – the tail, the belly and the jaw. This Tuna jaw or “panga” is something to die for

Aside from Tuna Panga, we also had some shrimps, Adobong Bihod (fish eggs), Imbao (clam) soup, Lato (seaweed) Salad and of course, the Pinoy staple food, rice!

My companions starting to pounce on the Tuna

You have to clean out this part of Tuna.  It’s got secret pockets here and there that hide  the tastiest bits of this fish.  It’s like it’s got some stealth parts that are too delicious to miss out.

The place has open-air area and airconditioned area.

I like that this is place is unassuming and unpretentious
By the entrance

I like Tuna Grills’ food, its location and its atmosphere. I just don’t like this guy:

A little help to find Tuna Grill

To Tuna Grill!


3 thoughts on “GenSan’s Tuna Grill

  1. We will be visiting GENSAN on August 15, 2015 with my classmates at RAMON MAGSAYSAY MEMORIAL COLLEGES and planned to have our get together at TUNA GRILL, Osmena. I have gone in this place last September 2014. I like the place and enjoyed the food. So, in our coming get together I’ll bring my classmates in this place.

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