Lusting for Lachi’s of Davao

Sansrival. This was the first thing that brought me here last year when I first discovered this. They say it’s the best one in the whole of Davao. I like the coffee sansrival over the classic one.
This is the box that started it all.
You gotta have at least two of their cakes

My second box contained a deliriously delicious chocolate cake

Aside from desserts, cakes and all those good stuff, they also serve Filipino meals.

Twas every man for himself. We were absorbed with what was in front of us.

This nook is about 50sqm. only. In my last year’s visit, it was smaller.
The simple entrance is all it needs to invite hundreds of hungry people!

That’s a sliver of a door for the “common” washroom

This is one good small business who doesn’t want to venture and go set up a place in Metro Manila.  This place is a must-try.



Location:  Ruby Street, Marfori Heights, Davao City

Contact:  Facebook page

Date Visited/Photos Taken:  August 2011 and April 2012


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