Selecta’s Magnum

So there’s much buzz about “Magnum” and there is no trimedia advertisement that I sense about it.

I read a lot about it in Facebook though. So naturally, my curiousity is roused.

From a Facebook status update, I found out that it’s available in convenience stores so I walked into Mini Stop looking for it in chocolate racks. I was surprised when I was directed to the chillers.

That’s when I found out that this Magnum thing is actually the newest ice cream on a stick by Selecta! I guess I got fixated on the “Belgian chocolate” emblazoned on its packaging that I thought it was a chocolate bar.

A chocolate bar is something I could munch on the entire day and just leave on my desk. But an ice cream, on a stick, presents an entirely different method of munching. It’s messy nature — ice cream melting, choco covering falling apart, dots of sweet browns on your memos — is a little hard to manage for sedentary people like me.

I walked out of Mini Stop sans Magnum.

Two days later, I was passing by the grocery and remembered my aborted Magnum taste test. At P50, I went ahead and picked out the Almond variant. Other variants include Classic and Chocolate Truffles.

I was excited to find out the hullaballoo surrounding that “Belgian chocolate” and when I finally bit into the choco covering…it was OK. Which was fine by me since I was actually looking forward to the “almonds.” But they — the nuts or at the least, its flavor — were barely there. So…

The ice cream inside it is vanilla flavored. I think that’s universal for all the Selecta Magnum variants. It’s not really that creamy but at I’m happy that it’s not too sweet. I think it’s supposed to complement or neutralized the chocolate-yness.

Magnum has got a good packaging. One look at it would make any sweet-toothed woman salivate. Deep brown predominantly and gold accents and you’d know you’re in for some treat. Plus its tag says “Enjoy royal treatment.” For about five minutes, you’ll get some treatment alright but not “royal.”

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