Calea’s Pecan Pie

If you’re looking for a feel-good Pecan Pie, hop on plane and go to Bacolod City, Philippines!

The first time I was in Bacolod, my Negrense friends told me to get to this bakeshop that’s got THE MOST AWESOMEST Pecan Pie. I was like, “Pee-what?”

At Calea Pastries and Coffee, near L’Fisher Hotel (that’s Calea’s landmark – or maybe it’s the other way around), rows of cakes, ice cream cakes and pies welcome you.

Calea is so commercially successful. And why not? The cakes are heavenly tasty. Pecan Pie has got this caramelized thing that is balanced out by the pie dough or something, then the pecan nuts throw in that unique flavor! They’re successful but they don’t want to be everywhere-commercial, they don’t want to branch out ANYWHERE ELSE. You can only find them either on their main location along Lacson St. or in Robinson’s Place Bacolod. They don’t seem to have website nor an official Facebook page. But you can see them in a lot of food or resto reviews. Heck, I couldn’t even find their phone numbers online! My friend says that the owners have had many offers for branching out in Manila but they want to preserve the quality of their products and maybe they thought that they can only do that if they PERSONALLY supervise their products.

In 2011, they transfered to a better location: in front of L’Fisher (they used to be on the side street of the hotel). The place is nicer (in whites and blues), bigger and they’ve got credit card machines!

So when you find yourself in Bacolod, do your family/friends at home a favor by buying them a cake but preferrably the Pecan Pie from Calea!

When I heard of people going to Bacolod, I always ask them to buy me a box or two of this. I don’t care if they find it hard to hand-carried it to the plane.


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